Play, Socialise, Trade and be rewarded for it!

Established in 2017, Leet Entertainment focuses on providing an end-to-end medium for a complete social gaming experience.

The company delivers this experience through its unique social gaming platform, Matchroom.net. It is our core platform providing a complete gaming ecosystem for both in-house and external contents, thereby connecting content providers with users all within our platform.


What we do

For Gamers

We connect gamers to all genres of games on multiple platforms including console, PC, Web, Android and iOS.

For Developers

We connect developers to users, allowing developers to engage new audiences and build a following.

For Communities

We provide a medium for Guilds and Gaming communities to discuss, strategise, communicate and much more.


Through our reward program, users are rewarded as they play games, socialise, and build communities.

Our main mission

To grow a community of gamers and developers on the Matchroom.net social gaming platform, enabling our gaming communities to Play, Socialise, and Trade – all within a single platform.


Meet Our Team

As a team, we are deeply passionate about our company and the work that we do. Our team is made up of individuals with wide and extensive experiences in games-publishing, social entertainment, as well as mobile apps development.

Keith Long "Warlord"

Keith Long "Warlord"

Co-founder and CEO

His extensive background in game-publishing led him to take on the role of VP of Operations for e-Games Global, Country and Regional Director for Asiasoft, and General Manager at Migme Malaysia.

Chris Yau "The Rogue"

Chris Yau "The Rogue"

Co-founder and COO

Chris has been in the online gaming business for over 15 years, having started his career in the field in 2002 and was promoted to Game Operation Manager within a year.  Over the years, he has won several professional accolades on behalf of his companies

Peter Ng "Wizard"

Peter Ng "Wizard"

Co-founder and CTO

Peter’s passion and propensity for the gaming industry led him to take on the role of Senior IT Manager for one of South East Asia’s top gaming companies. In that regional position, he managed IT departments for Malaysia and Singapore.

Kamal Hamidon "Oracle"

Kamal Hamidon "Oracle"


Kamal has a Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Ottawa, Kansas, U.S. Bringing 30 years of expertise from the banking field to the table, Kamal has a breadth of experience covering trade financing, credit, international trade, and Forex markets.


Introducing Matchroom

It is our core platform providing a complete gaming eco-system for both in-house and external contents, thereby connecting content providers with users all within our platform.

Matchroom.net works on a freemium model whereby users are given an e-wallet that allows them to spend on in-app purchases for games and other contents. The platform also encourages users to join communities, socialise, and challenge other users in a game. Another key element of the platform is the user’s ability to trade virtual goods with other users in a marketplace environment. Users also earn reward points that can be used to redeem both virtual and physical items.

Revenue for Matchroom.net  is generated via in-app purchases, advertising, and several other services we provide.


Get in touch with us

Feel free to contact us. A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.


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