Guest-speaker lineup.

The blockchain & cryptocurrency scene is, at the time of this writing, on an uncontrollable rampage across the globe and Vietnam is of no exception. Having already seized the country by storm, taking root as a hot topic amongst the people’s banter from the streets to the dinner tables, the subject has rendered many susceptible to misdirection from ill-meaning parties due to its relative youth and lack of education on the matter.

Vietstock (Tai Viet Corporation) – one of Vietnam’s leading provider of financial and securities information, in conjunction with FundYourselfNow – an alternative funding facilitator, had deemed it their duty to educate further their compatriots to help insulate them against the negative aspects of the cryptocurrency revolution.

Held in the esteemed White Palace Convention Center, the event garnered attendance of up to a 1,000 audience, exceeding by large the projected amount of 500. As the event was positioned as an educational summit rather than a promotional drive, a majority of attendees were of the uninitiated or novices looking to better equip themselves.