The Matchroom Arena Carnival @ TAGCC, 2019

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The Toys, Anime, Games, & Comic Convention (TAGCC), having achieved great success last year in 2018 where they secured more than 15k visitors, sought to up the ante this year by expanding its reach to a more diverse selection of markets. As such, Matchroom was invited to the TAGCC 2019 at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) Exhibition Hall this 22nd and 23rd of June 2019, to introduce esports into the otherwise anime & comics focused event.

While current market sentiments seem to be pointing towards esports being the next big thing, with many brands and even governments already acknowledging the fact and poised to hop on to the metaphorical bandwagon, the traditional focus of esports has always been about producing high-quality watchable content for view.

The Matchroom Arena Carnival (MAC) seeks to disrupt the paradigm by bringing a different perspective to the market. Focusing instead on involving the visitors as participants as much as possible, showing them a good time with quick challenges, opportunity to tussle with a professional athlete, and AR/VR experience zones. Popular gaming related brands such as Armaggeddon, Todak, Monster Energy, Realme, and Viewsonic also joined.

Fortunately, the MAC concept was vindicated throughout the event, catering to more than 500 participants and even more spectators. Matchroom is excited to continue exploring more such activities and would like to take this opportunity to thank its sponsors for the MAC: CandyPoints, Armaggeddon, Todak, Realme, Monster Energy, Viewsonic, ONEXOX, and Kitamen.

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