Matchroom and CiB Join Forces

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This week, Matchroom continues to close deals with local content partners in its target market of SEA (South East Asia).

CiB, Asiasoft’s outpost in Malaysia, publishes localised versions of regional titles to a large audience across SEA. Equipped with over 50 successfully published titles and 15 years of experience delivering top notch gaming, CiB is not only the most iconic powerhouse in their home field of Malaysia but also throughout SEA.

Leveraging on their strong foothold on content delivery, Matchroom will have access to:

● Payment gateways that span across SEA (CiB is also the distributor for @Cash Malaysia) to better enable users to make purchases, especially in the likes of Indonesia or Philippines where the rate of credit card penetration remains low and consumers maintains a strong preference for localised payment options;

● A large network of local operators, including but not limited to 2500 cyber cafes in SEA (500 of which are Malaysian), game stores, and much more;

● Diverse selection of popular game titles the likes of Luna Online, Genki Heroes, Mission Against Terror, Wulin, Super Dancer Online;

● Exposure to more than 2 million users for quick mass adoption of the Matchroom platform;

● Variety of local events and tournaments with up to RM300,000 prize pools;

● Other partners and brands.

Working hand-in-hand with CiB, Matchroom will endeavor to integrate CiB games with the Matchroom Arena to run regular Daily Challenges and Mini Tournaments. This also adds value to the CiB ecosystem by helping them create consistent activity that keeps their user base engaged, extending the product life cycle for the games in question and opening up another source of revenue stream.

About Matchroom

Matchroom, Leet Entertainment Group’s flagship product, is an integrated social gaming platform that caters to the gaming communities on a more grassroots level. It is Matchroom’s goal to deliver localised content and build long lasting and personalised relationships with its stakeholders by focusing on the more casual end of eSports. The platform allows for gamers to establish their gamer’s identity and connect with peers of similar interest. These users will also be able to engage with one another through our feeds, chats, and gifting systems.

Furthermore, the next feature: Matchroom Arena, where users can discover, join, and play in a diverse selection of tournaments designed for the masses, is already under development and shall be available to the public soon!

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