Launches The Matchroom+ Subscription To Deliver Next Level Rewards & Experiences

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This January, 2021 marks the 2nd anniversary since Leet Entertainment launched its flagship product – Matchroom in 2019. Starting off as a humble tournament listing site focusing on local Malaysian and Filippino esports, Matchroom is now a full fledged virtual playground having hosted more than 500 tournaments with a combined prize pool of above US$100,000 catering over 150,000 participants.

Esports, as an industry, has garnered much attention in recent years; having evolved from a niche hobby enjoyed by a select few hardcore enthusiast to a form of mainstream entertainment played and watched by billions across the globe.

The increase in popularity can be mainly attributed to the ferocious penetration of mobile gaming into markets all around the world, opening up the gaming market to an overwhelming number of people who did not previously have consistent access to traditional gaming devices like PCs and consoles. Additionally, being pushed further along by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, esports has become the veritable talk of the town as consumers and operators alike turn to new digital alternatives for their entertainment & business.

Matchroom, placing its focus on gaming communities & grassroots, seeks to further leverage on this rising trend by packaging activities, rewards, and tools that appeal to gamers into a worthwhile subscription – the Matchroom+ subscription service.
The subscription bundles a selection of services & products that we expect would be appealing to gamers. At USD 1 per week, Matchroom+ members will be privy to the following benefits:

  • Access to premium competitions with greater rewards & experience
  • Access to weekly lucky draws
  • Access to weekly gift packs

This is also just the start. Matchroom plans to further develop itself into an entertainment powerhouse that can provide comprehensive end-to-end experiences to our users; encompassing everything from playing, competing, watching, purchasing, and more. Ultimately, Matchroom would like to spread its virtual playground and bring more tournaments with bigger prize pools to the rest of Southeast Asia within 2021 as well.

Matchroom will continue to expand on the benefits provided over the course of 2021 to include attractive features such as:

  • A mall where subscribers can redeem for or purchase in game products, gaming merchandise, and limited edition exclusive items;
  • Opportunities for subscribers to be coached or mentored by certain popular streamers or pro players;
  • Automated tournament systems, and more.

Learn more about Matchroom+:
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