Matchroom To Provide India’s PayTM With Esports Content For The Next 12 Months

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Matchroom has just signed a master service agreement with India’s e-commerce powerhouse, PayTM, to deliver more esports content to their array of Indian and MENA markets.

PayTM is India’s premier e-commerce platform that took the scene by storm since its incorporation in 2010. Having served more than 350 million users with over USD 510 million turnover in 2019, PayTM is now seeking modern alternatives to leverage on their massive user base. Hence, the Master Service Agreement with Matchroom that outlines the collaboration between the two.

Matchroom had already been working with PayTM and Daraz to plan, execute, and manage mass user style tournaments with tens of thousands of participants throughout 2020 that made for the largest tournaments in the world in terms of sheer participation. The agreement merely extends the arrangement for the next 12 months in an official capacity.

This is a great fit for both companies as Matchroom’s focus on features and tools that facilitates scalable and sustainable engagement, retention, and conversions is ideal for businesses like PayTM that are looking for value added services that can address a large user base and introduce new revenue streams. On the other hand, PayTM’s commercial proliferation across the region will allow Matchroom easy access to Indian and MENA markets like Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt.

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