Matchroom Breaking Barriers with CloudZen

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Matchroom is pleased to announce that it has officially joined forces with Cloudzen to bring more value to both parties’ customer bases.

CloudZen is about delivering high quality cloud gaming and live streaming services that allows its users to play and stream from any given device without having to possess the physical or digital copy of the game. The approach complements Matchroom’s very own of: Matching Esports To The Masses as gamers all around the world would no longer be locked behind substantial pay walls.

This is a major breakthrough, especially for Matchroom, whose focus has always been on the emerging market where purchasing power might not be as strong as in the developed markets, but internet penetration and infrastructure are on the up rise. Matchroom users, with access to cloud gaming services on-demand, shall no longer be required to make relatively heavy investments before being able to game.

These investments can range anywhere from the hundreds to thousands; a PS4 costs approximately US$350 for the machine and then around US$30 – 50 for each game while PC gaming can cost much more with hardware going for anywhere from US$500 to US$5000 for decent gaming gear.

This can make a difference for the older generation of gamers, whom all are now part of the workforce with busy schedules and have no incentive to spent large amounts of money in order to get a platform to play just one or two games they like. Now with CloudZen, Matchroom users can now pay a much lower fee to play their desired games.

About Matchroom

Matchroom, Leet Entertainment Group’s flagship product, is an integrated social gaming platform that caters to the gaming communities on a more grassroots level. It is Matchroom’s goal to deliver localised content and build long lasting and personalised relationships with its stakeholders by focusing on the more casual end of eSports.

The platform allows for gamers to establish their gamer’s identity and connect with peers of similar interest. These users will also be able to engage with one another through our feeds, chats, and gifting systems.

Furthermore, the next feature: Matchroom Arena, where users can discover, join, and play in a diverse selection of tournaments designed for the masses, is already under development and shall be available to the public soon!

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