Matchroom Signs Direct Operator Billing Partnership With Celcom Malaysia

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Matchroom has just signed a Direct Operator Billing Partnership with Celcom Malaysia, a part of the Axiata Group, this 4th of December, 2020 as a continuation of its intention to deliver more value and convenience to its users.

Celcom, established in 1988, is Malaysia’s oldest mobile telecommunications provider. The partnership is expected to aid Matchroom in reaching out and catering to even more users within Malaysia by opening up direct carrier billing options to more than 8 million Malaysian subscribers.

The partnership remains a key checkpoint for Matchroom despite being already linked with a number of other localized payment options (e.g. Digi, Ipay88). Mainly because direct carrier billing allows for users to conveniently make payments through their mobile carrier with little to no restrictions. 

This ability to pay through one’s mobile carrier has become increasingly important, not only because it enables payments from demographics without access to credit cards or any other similarly restrictive options; but also because of the rapid shift towards mobile gaming. Mobile games like MLBB and PUBGM took the industry by storm when they were first released, and even now continues to dominate the gaming scene in Southeast Asia.  

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